How to Make Beer Poster – Newest TikTok Trend Shows off Sexy Look with Beer Brands

Have you ever looked at that sexy model on the billboard for Heineken and wish that were you?

Well, TikTok users have come to the rescue with its latest viral challenge – the Beer Poster trend. Users are encouraged to use their creativity and photo-editing skills to create reproductions of famous advertisements of different beer brands. So crack open a cold one, put on your swimwear, and learn about what this challenge is all about!

The Beer Poster trend began in June 2021, and immediately has become popular on TikTok. The challenge began as a TikTok challenges for couples, in which the users surprised to their significant other with a personalized gift of themselves which place a photo of themselves on the favorite beer brand advertisement posters.


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However, the single population of TikTok did not choose to miss out on the trend, and quickly hopped on board with their own rendition of the beer posters. For couples who joined in the challenge, many even went so far as printing out the images as a gift to their partners.

In the recreation of the trend, most videos under the tag #beerposter follow similar structures and aesthetics. The centerpiece of the image often features women posing in their swimwear or similarly revealing outfits. In simple words, grab your bikini and get your sexy pose on if you wish to hop on the bandwagon.


i mean that second one would be a cool flag??‍♀️ #fypシ #PrimeDayDealsDance #beerposter

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Soundtracks that are often featured on “Beer Poster” clips include the racy tunes of “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC and “Shake That A–“ by J.Earl.

So, how exactly do you recreate this fun new TikTok trend? Read below for further instructions.

After clicking the perfect bikini pic, you would need some basic photo editing skills to proceed to the next steps. Most users opt for simple, easy-to-use apps such as PicsArt or Canva, but seasoned editors may choose Photoshop for a higher skill level.

If you’re participating in the trend as a couple, simply choose whichever beer brand that your boyfriend/girlfriend likes the most to recreate. If you’re joining the challenge alone, you may want to put some thought into which brand best fits your style and aesthetics.


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Some brands featured in most viewed video on TikTok include Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Coors Light. Other users even took their own spin on the trend by choosing hard seltzer brands such as White Claw.

After deciding on the picture and beer brand that you want to use, you might need to download pictures of beer bottles and brand logos. If you’re using PicsArt, these might be already be available in their “Sticker” section.

A suggestion from TikToker Mere (@merejoee) in her tutorial video is to let your creativity run wild and add whatever stickers you like, such as water drops, etc. Place the stickers according to your liking and ta-da! You have successfully created your own beer poster!


Honestly, I’m about to print one off for my living room – ##beerposter ##fyp ##millerlite

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The best influencers have since joined the trend, one of the most viewed Tiktok videos belonging to Peyton Mackenzie, whose video has amassed 36,200 likes and counting since its publication on Sunday, June 20, 2021. Newcomers have also shown to be successful as they showed their own take of the trend, with rising star @kaygerb’s humorous video collecting an impressive 148,600 likes.