How to Download Kuaishou Videos (Kwai Chinese) Without Watermark

Kuaishou application, also commonly known as Kwai Chinese is one of the famous video social networks in China, where millions of video creators daily upload fascinating videos to attract viewers.

At the first time hearing about Kuaishou, it’s quite similar to Douyin (Tiktok Chinese), but in fact each app has its own distinctive features to attract users.

If you haven’t known how to download the Kuaishou app to your phone, you can find it in this post.

In this article, you will be guided to download videos without logo or watermark (whatever you want to call them) from Kuaishou’s web.

If this app is downloaded in the usual way on the application by clicking Share and selecting Download as the image below, surely the video downloaded will have the Kuaishou logo.

In order to download a video without a logo from Kuaishou, a PC or laptop are compulsory, and you just follow several steps to do it.

Step 1: Access website: – this is the web version to watch videos of this social network for PC.

Step 2: Log in to the website with your registered account on the phone application (if you haven’t had an account yet, you can reread this post). You may not need to sign in to watch and download some videos on the Kuaishou website, but there will be a little bit of limitless in the number of videos that you can search and watch. Therefore, you have to log in if you want to watch more.

This procedure is divided into 4 smaller steps:

– Click on avatar in the upper right corner (arrow number 1)

– Next, in the showing dialogue, move on to the tab on the right to scan the QR code. You must scan the QR code to log in, you can’t log in by phone account because the web doesn’t allow you to select country code other than China (it will be changed in the future).

– Open Kuaishou on your phone, click on MENU with the 3 dashes in the upper left corner, press MORE button. Then tap the button to scan the QR code which is shown in the 2 pictures below.

– After that, take you phone to scan the QR code on the Kuaishou websites on the PC in arrow number 3 above.

Step 3: This step is to watch and download a video, you can find the video with the topic you want, open those videos by Coc Coc browser, or Chrome with installed IDM’s extension, you can normally download video and there is no Kuaishou’s logo on this video.

However, if your PC isn’t installed IDM or Coc Coc, there is one way to download the video file: right – click on the video player on the website and select Inspect (Crtl + Shift + I).

Then you can see a video code like the picture below, let copy video URL in src=https://v1. and open it, you can normally download MP4 file format.

Good luck!