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How to Change TikTok Username Before 30 Days in 2021

Perhaps most of us are all too familiar with the itch to constantly change our username on social media platforms, the moment we get bored of our old one or see something cooler online.

If you are guilty of this bad habit, perhaps you are not the biggest fan of TikTok’s restriction, which restricts the frequency of username change to every 30 days. What this means – one dumb mistake or typo in your username, and you would have to wait 30 days to fix it.

Luckily, we have figured out a way to bypass this restriction. Yes, you can now save yourself the annoyance and change your username as frequently as you want without waiting until 30 days to change. To learn more about how to skip the wait, read our detailed instructions on How to Change TikTok Username Before 30 Days, for both iPhone and Android below:

For iPhone users:

1. Open your iPhone and select “Settings”.
2. Select “General” among the list of headers, and next “Date and Time”.
3. The purpose of this method is to change your date and time of the iPhone, so first you will need to disable the “Automatically Adjust” option in the “Date and Time” settings. Otherwise, your phone will automatically undo all your changes to date and time.
4. Set the date on your phone 30 days into the future.
5. Go on TikTok and proceed to change your username as the normal process.

For Android users:

1. Similar to the steps for an iPhone, open your Android phone and go to “Settings”.
2. Scroll down the list of headings and find “System”. For some Android phones, this option is under a bigger heading of “General Management”. The location of this option varies across phone brands and models.
3. Select “Date and Time”.
4. Once again, remember to disable “Automatic Date and Time” to prevent the phone from reverting to the correct time and date.
5. Tap on “Set Date” and you should be able to see a calendar, in which you can select a date that is 30 days from the present.
6. Select “Done” or “Save”.
7. Open the TikTok app and change your username as normal.

Following the above steps, you can easily change your TikTok username for both iPhone and Android users without waiting for 30 days.

Why is there a 30-Day-Restriction on TikTok Username Changing?

TikTok did not release an official explanation for their restriction, but I would attribute it as part of the app’s security measure to protect users from spammers and internet bullies. By preventing users from abusing the username to change the feature, TikTok can track down illegal accounts such as spam or harassment easily and create a safer environment for users.

Can a User Change the TikTok Username Frequently?

Technically, a TikTok user is only allowed to change his/her name once every 30 days.


With the instructions listed above, I have guided you to resolve the problem of TikTok username change frequency restriction, and you are able to edit your account without waiting for 30 days.

If you know of the other methods of bypassing this restriction, comment below and we will contribute them to this guide. Feel free to share this article on social media if you feel it useful, and subscribe to our blog for more interesting content!