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5 Most Common Issues in Windows 11 Insider Preview & How to Fix Them

As of present, Windows 11 is only available as an Insider Preview version, so there inevitably remain faults within the system. However, many developers around the world have found effective solutions to some basic issues. This article will provide instructions on how to address common problems on Windows 11 after updating your laptop.

1. Loss of fingerprint

When Windows 11 has just been installed, a common issue is that your laptop will no longer recognize your fingerprint when unlocking the device. To fix this, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Select Fingerprint Recognition. Then, delete the old fingerprint on the register and add a new one.

2. Applications not functioning

Many applications that are Native to Windows 10 will not function on Windows 11. To solve this, delete your old applications. Go to the search box on the Taskbar, search for the name of the application that is not working and select “Uninstall”. Apps that are especially prone to failure include Messenger, Zalo, and Facebook.
After that, go on the Microsoft Store to download the version of the app that is Native to Windows 11.

3. Action Center not working

This issue is only temporary, so don’t be too concerned if you click on the Wifi, Volume, and Battery icons and they do not respond. You simply need to restart your computer and everything should function as normal.

4. Unable to connect to Wifi

This error only occurs on some devices when updating to Windows 11. To address this issue, rename your PC by pressing Windows + I. Click on Rename and type in a different name for your computer. Then, simply restart and the error should be fixed.

5. Unable to switch to background applications

This issue can become quite inconvenient as you are unable to quickly and effectively switch to the application that you want. Worry not, you only have to make minor changes to how you use your applications to resolve this problem. You can use the combination Alt +Tab to quickly switch between applications.

Another alternative is to stroke upwards on the Touchpad using 4 fingers to open the Multitasking Split Screen and select the app that you want to use.

Finally, you can open two windows on the same application to access them more easily with your mouse pointer when needed.

Aside from these errors, there are many more that you would have to wait for the next update to be fixed. We will update this article immediately with any other new methods to fix common issues on Windows 11. If you found this article helpful, feel free to like and share. Thank you for reading.