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Product overview

  • High-quality material: This Russian keyboard sticker is made of high-quality transparent material, waterproof and oil-resistant, which can prevent keyboard wear and ensure that the sticker remains bright for a long time.
  • Easy to install: This Russian keyboard sticker is easy to install without other tools. Just paste the sticker on the keyboard to make your keyboard become a Russian keyboard immediately.
  • Durable: This Russian keyboard sticker is made of high-strength glue, which can be used for a long time without falling or wearing. The words and patterns on the stickers will not fade or stain.
  • High visibility: This Russian keyboard sticker is designed with bright text and graphics to make your keyboard easier to read. At the same time, these stickers increase the appearance of the keyboard and give your computer a new look.
  • Widely applicable: This Russian keyboard sticker is applicable to most keyboards, including laptops and desktop computer keyboards. It provides an affordable solution for users who need to use Russian frequently

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