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Product overview

  • [Authentic Typing Experience with Red Switch and Square Keycaps]: TECURS mechanical keyboards provide an exceptional typing experience with our signature Red Switch and square keycaps. The Red Switch offers a tactile feedback and quick actuation, allowing for precise and responsive typing. Combined with the modern square keycaps, it creates a unique and contemporary feel. Immerse yourself in the world of stylish and comfortable typing with TECURS typewriter keyboards.
  • [Effortless Multimedia and Backlight Control]: The teclado mecanico keyboard take complete control of your gaming and multimedia experience with Quick-access button. The dedicated knobs allow effortless adjustment of volume, backlight effects, and music playback. Customize your setup to match your prefer ences and enjoy convenient,personalized control for gaming and office
  • [Enhanced Durability and Comfort]: The PC Keyboard is built to withstand intense gaming sessions and prolonged use. With its sturdy aluminum alloy panel and matte finish, it exudes durability and a premium feel. The magnetic wrist rest provides optimal ergonomic support, reducing wrist strain for a comfortable typing experience.
  • [104 Keys Anti-Ghosting Programmable]: Elevate your gaming performance with our TECURS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The anti-ghosting technology ensures every keystroke is registered accurately, even during intense gaming moments. Program customizable keys to execute complex commands seamlessly. Gain a competitive edge and dominate the game.
  • [Modern Design and Wide Compatibility]: Our TECURS Computer Keyboard combines modern design with wide compatibility. Its sleek and stylish appearance enhances any gaming setup or workspace. Compatible with PCs/Macs/XBOX/PS, it adapts to various systems seamlessly, making it versatile and suitable for office&gaming

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