3 Best Ways to Install iPhone/iPad Apps Without Using an Apple ID

Apple’s constant devotion to redesigning and updating its software and built-in iOS applications seem to have always been a selling point for its devices – but at times, these changes may be unwelcomed, or even downright annoying. Yes, we’re talking about the removal of the built-in App Store in iTunes version 12.7.

The days of convenience when you could load apps onto your phone from other devices, without having to enter your Apple ID is now long gone – but worry not, we are here to solve all your problems. If you are looking for different methods to download applications for your iPhone without an Apple ID, read on.

Removal of Built-in App Store in Itunes

Most of us can’t help but reminisce on the simpler days as an Apple user: you purchase an iPhone or iPad, set up an account on iTunes, get your apple ID, and sync your device to your account. A self-supporting ecosystem is thus recreated – you simply have to download apps, buy music, etc. onto your Mac and load them onto your other devices with ease.

With the removal of the built-in App Store in iOS 12.7, however, this is no longer possible. You now have to directly download apps onto each of your devices separately. While there are certain benefits, this may at times prove to be more time-consuming and inconvenient for iPhone and iPad users. So, what can we do?

Three main methods can be used to address the problem:

• Use third-party tools to sideload apps
• Jailbreak your device to use alternative app stores
• Use an older version of iTunes

This article will discuss all three methods for your preference, but keep in mind that we recommend the last option – using an older version of iTunes – the most.

Use Third-Party Tools to Sideload Apps

There are numerous tools available online that claim to be able to download apps without using an Apple ID or iTunes. However, based on our personal experience, a fair share of them do not work. Below are our two recommendations for such tools:

Tutu Helper

Tutu Helper is a straightforward, effective alternative app store that was designed to maximize an iPhone’s potential without having to jailbreak. With this tool, You you are free to install a huge extension of applications without significantly compromising your iPhone by jailbreaking.

iOS Emu

iOS Emu is another option that enables you to download all kinds of apps that you want onto your Apple devices, including those not supported by iOS. You also don’t need to jailbreak your phone to be able to use iOS Emu.

Third-party tools provide users the freedom to download and use whatever they want on their Apple device. However, this doesn’t come without a cost – there are certain security risks associated with using third-party tools and alternative app stores, including malware. In addition, your Apple ID is still added to the digital signature of the app you install.

Jailbreak Your Device to Use Alternative App Stores

The internet has now made jailbreaking an Apple device easier than ever – with hundreds of tools and tutorials online that can instruct you throughout the entire process. In less than 15 minutes, you will be able to gain control of your device beyond the very intentions of Apple producers.

The benefits of jailbreaking are alternative app stores, installations of any application, and even access to iOS core files. However, jailbreaking renders your Apple warranty valueless and security risks associated with your installations. Thus, jailbreaking your Apple device is generally frowned upon – if you’re paying thousands of dollars for the latest iPhone, you’d definitely not want to void out your warranty or run the risk of malware.

The restrictions created by the App Store ecosystem, while may be inconvenient at times, offer maximum quality and safety for users. Jailbreaking will virtually remove all this protection from your iPhone.

Use an Older Version of iTunes

This last method is the most legitimate and safest way to load apps onto your device as before the iTunes 12.7 update. Rest assured that you will be protected against any malware, and keep your warranty fully intact. In response to the complaints of millions of users regarding the removal of the App Store, Apple has released 12.6.3 for those that prefer older versions of iTunes.

The official reason for this release, according to Apple, is for enterprises that were previously using iTunes to manage multiple devices. However, this special iTunes version is available for all users with the instructions below:

1. Go to this link on the Apple website
2. Choose the text link that is most applicable to your computer OS
3. Download and install iTunes 12.6.3
4. You can now proceed to use this version of iTunes as normal – connect, register and sync your apps across devices.

iTunes 12.6.3 seems to be almost identical to iTunes 12.7, minus the removal of the App Store. It is unknown if iTunes 12.6.3 will continue to be supported in later updates, but presumably, Apple would want to gain an edge over Android among businesses and enterprises somehow.

Overall, using iTunes 12.6.3 is the best method to download apps without an Apple ID in comparison to jailbreaking or third-party tools. The restrictions put in place by iTunes and iOS are for a reason – they maintain users’ safety and security.

If you like this article, feel free to check out our other helpful links for Apple users! Comment below if you know of any additional ways to download iPhone/ iPad Apps without using an Apple ID, and we’ll reference it in our future articles!